COMETA, Conexión Mediterránea de Transporte de Alta Tensión

Morvedre converter station

Six precast concrete buildings, foundations for transformers, rolling road, slabs HIS, oil tank and pump house for fire protection system, in an area of 18,100 m2 built-up action, forming the converter station. This work is part of the COMETA project, linking underwater power transmission between the Iberian peninsula and Isle of Mallorca, through two converter stations.

Project Details
Puerto de Sagunto, Spain
June 2.009 – February 2.011
Excavation volume: 10,000 m³
Ballast filling volume: 14,000 m³
Concrete Volume: 7,000 m³
Pavement Surface: 4,000 m²

Steel B-500 SD: 430 tons

Precast Panel: 9,000 m²