50 years contributing
to a better world

Our vision is to improve the future by developing and operating sustainable infrastructures and cities, with a commitment to maintaining the highest levels of safety and operational excellence, creating value for society, our customers and employees.

All our actions and commitments are guided by respect for the environment and the goal of sustainably promoting responsible social development. Our strategy is to meet the needs of current generations without compromising the needs of future ones, in line with the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


ESG criteria:
Environment, Social & Governance

To address current challenges, our sustainability strategy allows us to develop innovative, efficient, and sustainable infrastructure, based on the three fundamental ESG criteria: environmental, social, and governance issues.



Our commitment to the environment leads us to reduce our carbon footprint and to promote sustainable approaches in all our operations.



At the social level, we focus on initiatives that attract and motivate talent, while promoting ethical behavior.



Good governance is essential to guarantee transparency and good practices. We have developed our own business ethics code and compliance program.


Company Policy

Our vision connects us to a changing environment, where protecting the planet is essential. It offers a broad perspective, allowing us to understand current challenges at all times and anticipate future ones, in order to take advantage of opportunities.

This comprehensive vision is necessary for us to develop innovative, efficient, and sustainable infrastructure, which, in turn, will foster positive environmental, economic, and social outcomes. Minimizing carbon dioxide emissions, generating employment in green sectors, and reducing inequality are some examples.

Another major objective of our strategy is to decarbonize current businesses and develop more sustainable ones. This challenge opens the door to new business models that are more environmentally friendly. With these actions, we align ourselves with SDGs, to ensure continuous improvement and contribute to creating a more sustainable present and future.



Carbonell Figueras designs, develops, and implements projects focused on reducing waste generation, emissions, and discharges, acquiring products and services that have minimum environmental impact. Our pollution prevention efforts focus on each and all of a project’s stages.

We have an ISO 14.001 certification on Environmental Management Systems, and we are in the process of obtaining an ISO 50001 certificate on Energy Efficiency Management. We calculate our carbon footprint annually, and we will soon do so based on ISO 14064.



We embrace corporate social responsibility as a management strategy that takes into account the impact of our activities on our workers, as well as on social, economic, or environmental stakeholders.

We have lowered our accident rates year after year, always keeping our sight on a zero-accidents goal. We have an ISO 45001 certified management system.



Our total commitment to ethics and integrity places us as a model in company/employee behavior vis-à-vis stakeholders. Our activities comply with the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and strict observance of laws and human rights.

Compliance Policies

Through the application of our policies, we strengthen the commitment of our team and collaborators through the effective implementation of our policies, with the aim of guaranteeing compliance with current legislation.

Business Ethics Code

The business ethics code establishes the basic principles to which our member companies and all our employees and managers must adhere:

  • Legality:Business and professional activities will be carried out in strict compliance with current local legislation, wherever they may be performed.

  • Integrity: Our business and professional activities and those of our managers and employees will be based on the value of ethical integrity and will be performed in accordance with the principles of honesty, avoidance of all forms of corruption, and respect for the particular circumstances and needs of all parties involved. Among our employees we promote the recognition and appreciation of behaviors that are consistent with the principles established in this code.

  • Respect for Human Rights: All actions of our managers and employees will scrupulously respect human rights and public freedoms included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

2030 Agenda

By 2030 we aspire to have clean and accessible water for all, more sustainable infrastructure and more inclusive, safer cities. These are some of the goals set forth by the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, embodied in its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which we at Carbonell Figueras subscribe to.

The companies responsible for the development and management of infrastructure will play an essential role in making SDGs a reality. It is not an exaggeration to state that our activity has a transversal impact on all of the Agenda’s objectives.

As a private operator, Carbonell Figueras has integrated SDGs into the framework of its sustainability strategy.

Sustainability Objectives

Environmental protection and the promotion of responsible social development are behind all our actions and commitments. This update to our strategy is linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) stipulated by the United Nations to make the world a better place before 2030.

This strategy is also a tool for generating and identifying new business opportunities. SDGs have been included in Carbonell Figueras’ strategic plans for years, and are essential for our company’s decision-making and growth.