A global & diversified company

“Carbonell Figueras inscribes its trajectory in our country’s best tradition of family-owned construction companies.

Now that we reach our 50th anniversary as a global and diversified company it is time to reassess our history. We appreciate and thank the great work of those who have made our journey possible, as well as the immense trust of our clients and the commitment of our collaborators. But above all, it requires us to focus on new challenges.”

Pilar Carbonell Tudores


Management Committee

Alfonso Idoate


Teresa Trenchs

Chief Human Resources Officer, Talent Management and Comunication Officer

Ricard Álvarez

Chief Legal officer

Jordi González


Department Management

Julio Sainz

Industry & Civil Works

Amadeu Escardó

Building & Projects

Pablo Pérez de Tudela


Francesc Salsench


Josep Mª Rulló


Rosa Garbayo

Compliance and prevention of money laundering

Xavier Costa


Pere Figuerola

Director of Machinery and Earth Works

Our Organisation

We are a global and diversified construction company with a strong commitment to driving innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions. Our business model is oriented towards infrastructure development and value creation for our customers as well as for the different stakeholders connected to the company’s activity. The group has 1,200 employees and an active presence in 5 main markets: Iberia (Spain and Portugal), rest of EU, Romania, Panama, and Peru.


Lines of business

Carbonell Figueras organizes its activities along the following lines of business



Construction and operation of hydro, combined cycle and nuclear power plants. Construction for the chemical and processing industries and energy transportation



Building construction under turnkey and development management contracts, large construction projects


Corporate mission
and values

Carbonell Figueras’ purpose, vision, and values have adapted to the evolution and changing sensitivities of our society, incorporating new values into our group’s culture and diversity. Our mission is to contribute to the development of sustainable, innovative, and efficient infrastructure, creating value for clients and for society as a whole.

Values that inspire our action

Our values are part of a corporate culture that permeates our daily work. Carbonell Figueras’ personality is reflected through its actions.

  • Respect, protection, safety, and care.

  • Collaboration. Working as a team, cooperating, and sharing.

  • Fair and responsible competition.

  • A work environment that is oriented towards human and professional development.

  • Excellence, efficiency, results, and reliability.

  • We comply with rules, both in the letter of the law and its spirit. Transparency and accountability.

  • Respect for the environment in every process and operation, contributing to the preservation of natural resources.

  • Social capital as a contribution to social development and the common good.

  • Innovation, progress, transformation, and inspiration.

  • Integrity, ethics, transparency, and responsibility.


The strategy

The strategy of the group is based on the following principles

  • Obtaining profitable growth, complementing organic growth with selective acquisitions that allow us to improve our position relative to our competitors and add capabilities in the areas that are considered strategic at any given time.

  • Internationalization, which has led us to consolidate a presence in Europe, where Carbonell Figueras has offices in Spain and Portugal, and continuous activity in the European continent, particularly in Germany and Romania, and in the Latin American region, from its offices in Panama and Peru.

  • Operational efficiency and innovation, offering differential solutions for our customers.

  • Relationships with people through the development of policies that attract and enhance talent.

  • Commitment to the circular economy and the environment, with social development as the guide of corporate identity.

  • Prudence in all management areas, with special emphasis on monitoring and control over workplace safety, optimal levels of financial leverage and equity, diversification of financial sources, and the limitation of subcontracting activity.


ESG Qualifications