Data Centre Project

Data Centers in the Polígono Arasur de Ribavellosa (Álava), which will offer low-latency carrier-class fiber, waterless cooling and 100% renewable energy.

It is a BUILDING with a ground floor + 2 floors and the surrounding urbanization. Including all earthworks, piling, foundations, structures, enclosures, installations, and commissioning.

Project Details
Arasur, Álava, Spain
April 2022 – April 2023

Earth works 33,000 m3

11,000 m3 of concrete and 500 tons of steel for foundations

7,300 m2 per floor

Precast concrete for structure and façades

Installations: underground networks, power lines, land network, fire protection, electrical installations, antiintrusion, telecommunications, air conditioning, ventilation, and all required equipment

Urbanization of the surroundings: roads, parking, and garden areas