Respol Escombreras new refineryr

Civil works for construction of new Repsol refinery in Escombreras, this being the largest industrial investment in the history of Spain.

Civil work is executed in the following units:

Block 1: Coque, Vacio & Subst. 21.

Block 2: Hidrocraquer & Subst. 19.

Block 3A: Amines, Sulfur & Acid w.

Block 3B Outdoor: Civil works, Unit interconnections.

Block 3B Indoor: Sosas, torches, Slops, Merox, boilers.

Oil storage tanks park. Production capacity of 220,000 barrels / year.

Project Details

Escombreras, Spain

September 1997 to May 1999
Total area surface: 660.000 m2

Total built surface: 350.000 m2

Land movement: 860.492 m3

Volume of concrete: 77.630 m3

Concrete pavements: 107.934 m2

Asphalt pavements: 71.145.05 m2