Reconstruction in front of berth PT80

Reconstruction and fitting out of the PT-80 Berth Front damaged by a ship.

Berth formed by 5 Berthing Dolphins and 6 Mooring Dolphins. Oil tankers until 117,000 dwt.

Founded with 4 piles each, cylindrical metal piles with an external ø 1.400mm and a depth until 42 m.

Metallic superstructure with upper deck and horizontal diaphragm.

Dock bumpers with polyethylene coating.

Project Details
Puerto de Tarragona, Spain
Start Date: 04/2021 – Finish Date: 10/2021

Detail Project

Pile steel X52 | X70: 320,000 kg

Dredging | Filling: 10,000 m3

Steel in Superstructures: 100,000 kg