Ethics and Compliance Channel

Violation of these values can be reported to the Group’s Ethics Channel. The Compliance Body is responsible for promoting and managing the Group’s Ethics Channel and ensuring no reprisals will be taken against whistleblowers.

The Ethics Channel allows reports to be made anonymously. Through the available form, whistleblowers can stay in contact with the organization while preserving their identity. However, it is encouraged that whistleblowers identify themselves in order to facilitate follow-up. This is considered the best way to enforce our No Reprisals Policy.

Communications made through the Ethics and Compliance Channel must always be made in good faith. Carbonell Figueras guarantees the indemnity of the communicating/whistleblowing person. False or malicious reports may result in civil and/or criminal actions as provided for by law, and may lead to fines/sanctions.

We ensure the Compliance Body will perform a timely, independent, and confidential analysis of all reports. The Compliance Body will not, under any circumstances, disclose the name of the reporting person unless expressly authorized, or at the request of competent authorities – in such a case the reporting person would be informed in advance.